TIL: 〜感 and 〜可能 as suffixes

While looking up the word 達成 (たっせい) achievement, I noticed two other variants:

  • 達成感 (achievement + feeling -> sense of accomplishment)
  • 達成可能 (achievement + ability/capability -> achievable)

So far I had only encountered the suffix 感 as 感じ e.g. 悲しみを感じます (I feel sad) or 幸せな感じ (happy feeling). Similarly for 可能, I’d only seen it as a standalone word like その方法は可能です (That way is possible). Seeing 達成感 & 達成可能 was a pleasant surprise.

kanji kanou

Other 〜感 examples:

  • (5 + sense/feeling -> the five senses)
  • 危機 (danger + sense/feeling -> sense of danger)

Other 〜可能 examples:

  • マシンが読み取り可能 (machine can read + ability -> machine-readable)
  • 入国可能 (entry into a country + ability -> ability to enter a country) e.g. 入国可能ビザ: 入国可能ビザをお持ちですか? Do you have a visa (for entering the country)?

(bold added to highlight the suffixes)

Thanks for reading.